Red Maple

Red Maple

Maple Tree fall colors

This was the fall colors of our beautiful Red Maple tree planted sixty years prior to this picture. Along the way, many kids climbed and swung on this neighborhood favorite. Pictures often were featured in the Newton Kansan paper in the fall foliage.

In 2011, the tree was hit by lightning and slowly succumbed to Mother Nature’s way of thinning the forests. Well, it was hard to give up a family member and so a search was started to find a wood sculptor that would do the stump into something that was neighbor friendly and something to talk about.

Being that we are great enthusiasts of the Indian Motorcycle and having a couple of our own, we decided that to complete the space left by the tree, we would add a visual heritage of our past.

The bottom seven feet were left of the stump and hauled to a wood carver for a rendition of an Indian Chief with war bonnet. A breast plate was added by me and we finished carving and painting the figure. As you can see by the finished result, we have quite a conversation piece and have added or retained a neighborhood landmark.

Img_0516Indian SculptureIndian SculptorDSCF2142